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Cling On Paint Brushes and Why you Need to Have One!


Cling On Paint Brushes

What is so great about Cling On Brushes? 

I always say when you are painting furniture there are two things that must-haves!  Good paint and a good brush.  Your brush is the applicator so it is worth investing in a good one.

When I first started painting furniture, I used a natural bristle brush and it never failed that I would have perfect paint lines with no brush strokes and then I would see one of the bristles embedded in my piece.  It was so frustrating!  So I started my search for a new brush that I could be excited about!  And then, I discovered Cling On brushes!!!

CLING ON! brushes are handmade in Holland, a superb paintbrush especially meant for working with water-based paints.  The CLING ON! is made of a specially engineered mixture of the best synthetic filaments in various lengths and diameters.  The bristles are fully locked in epoxy cement to prevent loss.  The brush features a stainless steel ferrule and a beechwood handle.  They were designed for the professional furniture painter.

There are several attributes that make them the go-to brush of many professional furniture painters. Here are some reasons why Cling On paint brushes are so wonderful.

Application:  We love the smooth application, how the brush holds the paint for better coverage and how easy the brushes are to clean!   You will love the look and feel of these brushes for re-loving your furniture.

ZERO Shedding
You will not lose bristles on you're Cling On brushes. They are made in the Netherlands with the most state of the art Dupont filaments that are produced in the USA. The bristles will not break or come lose from the ferrule. No picking stray bristles out of paint is a major plus!Cling On brush storage

Self Cleaning!
Cling on Brushes are designed to be used and stored wet, this means when you are finished painting, simply return bristles to water and the paint will just fall off of the bristles. I use a mason jar with the bristle tips suspended in water. Try using a chip-clip attached to the handle to keep the bristles from resting on the bottom of the jar. This method preserves shape retention and keeps you're brushes free of dried on paint! Lightly rinse in warm water before use if necessary, wring out excess water, and you are ready for painting again!  No need to scrub with soap and water or wait for you're brushes to dry.

Brush Stroke Free Finish
The smooth silky bristles of the Cling Ons hold plenty of paint and allow for a flawless application that is unmatched by any brush. In turn, will use less paint because of a more uniform application. This application can reduce or eliminate the need to sand out any coarse surfaces of paint and no need to sand out brush strokes. Painting with the brushes slightly wet helps produce a flawless finish and prevents paint from drying on bristles while in use.

Extreme Durability
Today so many paint brushes are treated as disposable, and a cling on brush is designed to last a long time! When it’s time to replace you're Cling On, be prepared for a sad goodbye since you will have become attached over your time together. With proper care these gems will last for years.

Versatility from Multiple Styles and Size

You will find a brush for all projects in the Cling on line. The Cling On Brushes come in the following sizes and styles

R Series/Round Brush Styles:  Round brushes are similar to Oval brushes and are ideal for all over painting and produce a similar finish to oval brushes. These will make quick work of painting banisters, spindles and more. The R12 is the perfect brush for small projects.

R12- Extra Small Round
R14- Small Round
R16- Medium Round
R18- Large round
R20- XL Round


O Series/Oval Styles:  The O40 is the bestselling Cling On brush and the O45 is a favorite among cabinet painters.  It is also great for painting detailed areas, spindles and legs.

035- Small Oval
040- Medium Oval
045- Large Oval

F Series/Flat Styles: Some painters are used to flat brushes and prefer to stay with what they know.  Picking a brush is sometimes a matter of personal preference and finding what works for you.  The flat brushes are good for flat surfaces and cabinet painting.  

F30- Small Flat
F40- Medium Flat
F50-Large Flat

S30- Small Short handle

S50- Large Short handle

S Series: Short handle- These are the newest of the brushes and are great for working in tight spaces like a bookcase with multiple shelves.  If you prefer a shorter handle, you will love this brush. 

Favorites:  Not sure which brush to go with? Here are some recommendations.
All projects: Oval Medium- O40 or R20
Cabinet Painting: Oval Large- O45
Med to large projects: Flat Medium- F40, O45. O40 or R20
Detailed areas, spindles, legs:  Med or Large Round- R16 or R18
Cutting in, detail, small projects: Extra Small round- R12



  • Always wet you're Cling On Brush before using if you can let it soak in water for 30 minutes before using for the first time, great!   This allows the filaments to absorb the water, not your paint and allows for much easier brush flow and easier cleaning. 
  • DO NOT REMOVE THE STRINGS, these will help keep your brushes in tip-top shape.  Try to keep from dipping the brush up to the strings to preserve the life and make brush cleanup easier. -Lightly wring out or spin brush handle between hands to remove excess water prior to use. 
  • Dip the tips of bristles in a little water while painting if the paint seems to be drying on the bristles. This is especially useful while working outdoors and will help promote the flawless brushstroke free finish.
  • Cleaning your brush is simple.  Put it in a jar of water so that the bristles are fully submerged and leave overnight. The next day it will be ready to use again or you can change out the water for clean water.  Once finished, fully rinse the brush with water to hang dry.  You can use dawn soap or Fusion Mineral Paints brush soap but water alone is sufficient.  *Be sure that the bristles don’t touch the bottom of the container (use something to attach the brush to the container like a chip clip) and the brush will retain it's shape.
  • Start thinking about the next beautiful project you will paint.


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